Vekker Theatre In Education (TIE) Company was founded in summer 2013. Our mission is to develop self-aware, open and responsible individuals/society members and communities through experience based programs. We have been working together with professional drama teachers of the Káva Drama/Theatre In Education Association (www.kavaszinhaz.hu).

TIE is a complex program:

· it includes a theatre performance – played by actor-drama teachers on the highest quality

· it’s an alternative way of pedagogy – allows students to develop an understanding for others and themselves

· it’s interactive – students analyze the situations of the characters through drama games, argue with the actor-drama teachers, give opinion and think together about the main question of the program

· it’s group specific, unique and flexible – actor-drama teachers work with cca 15-25 students, usually with one class and the program is different from performance to performance according to the circumstances.

Our program “What`s up?” won special award on the competition National Award of Career Guidance in 2014 (Národná cena kariérového poradenstva 2014) organized  by Euro Guidance – European Network to Support Guidance and Consultancy in Bratislava.


E-mail: vekkermuhely@gmail.com

Nóra Czuczor
cell: 00421 908 598 593
e-mail: noraczuczor@gmail.com

Katalin Kuklis
cell: 00421 908 597 848
e-mail: kuklis.ka@gmail.com